The wildlife of Denmark is an important resource, both for recreational purposes as well as for hunting. To conserve and manage this resource, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of and understanding of health in wild birds and mammals. Globalization brings an increased risk of infectious diseases taking hold in the Danish wildlife. Furthermore, climate changes may also contribute to the increase spread and impact of emerging diseases and of already existing pathogens. Therefore, the well-being of wildlife is an important indicator of environmental stress in nature. 

The perspectives on wildlife diseases are varied. Food safety is one aspect, but one could focus on the risk of introduction of diseases to wildlife from farm animals. The aim of is to integrate the monitoring of wildlife diseases into the current national preservation strategies. A long-term collaboration between the involved institutions will enable an optimal use of skills and resources, and contribute to pro-active solutions for complex wildlife management problems. shall ensure a healthy and vigorous wildlife for the benefit of all of Denmark. In addition, will provide the scientific basis for risk management in connection with disease outbreaks in wildlife.
23 MAY 2022